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Current Problems:

  1. There is no NCI SPORE Parent Committee currently appointed to review SPORE proposals (i.e. new applications and competing renewal applications). To make matters worse, instead of reviewing the SPOREs by organ site, (i.e. Breast SPORE application vs. Breast SPORE application, Prostate SPORE application against Prostate SPORE application, etc., the NCI is currently lumping the SPORES together so that a Breast SPORE application competes against SPORE applications for other organ sites or diseases. For example, a Brain SPORE application against an Ovarian SPORE application. This scenario can put different SPORE applications, i.e., Lung and Pancreas applications from the same institution against each other.

  2. New SPORES may be funded, which would eliminate funding for currently funded productive SPORES, thereby jeopardizing the integrity of the SPORE program and resulting in a huge loss for cancer research.

  3. Productive existing SPOREs, which are not funded, may have to wait two years before the next application date, resulting in a major delay or even complete interruption in current translational research, in nation-wide collaborations, maintenance of tissue banks, and in clinical trials.

  4. Currently, there are 58 SPOREs funded to research 14 cancers in 24 institutions but the NCI SPORE program will be compromised if the existing productive SPOREs are not protected and maintained.