Everything you always wanted to know about the I.T. Dept at DOPM (I.T. = Information Technology)


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and Quick Reference Guide for:

Computers  ~  computer-related  ~  printing  ~  copying, scanning, faxing ~  Audio/Visual assistance for meetings ~  …and more 


Please note that we are in the process of updating this page as of Feb 2015.



The Least You Need to Know TOP

For more info click here

I need help…

Contact the HelpDesk:    email dopmHelp@uabmc.edu or call 934-7662


UserNames, IDs, Passwords


You have both a:

·         [DOPM UserName & Password] and

·         [Blazer ID & Password & Email address]

·         [HSIS Email address]

For most stuff, you will use the DOPM.

Your DOPM-UserName is usually your first initial and your last name (like jsmith)


Phone numbers and locations

For helpful links to see up-to-date phone numbers and offices numbers for people click here à



The DOPM internal website is:  http://share1.dopm.uab.edu/sites/DOPM-INT/

When it asks for your UserName, put

DOPM-D1A\my-DOPM-UserName    ….for example DOPM-D1A\jsmith

To make it so that you don’t have to key this in each time, use the Time-Saver-Tip described here à



Konicas are multiple function machines (fax, print, scan, copy) including those are MT-501, and MT-601. 

All employees can automatically use these to fax, scan or copy.  If you want to print to one of them, and it does not come up as an option, ask HelpDesk to set that up for you.


Email – set up

To initially set up your email, a Technician can do it, or you can do it yourself.  Instructions à


Email – using it offsite


UserName = my-HSIS-Username    ….    for example jsmith


Email – redirect messages that are sent to

You can easily forward messages sent to your Blazer Email address to your HSIS Email address.

In other words, forward my-Blazer-ID@uab.edu to my-HSIS-UserName@uabmc.edu

Follow instructions here  à


Where to save stuff

To best protect yourself from unforeseen problems, it’s best NOT to save anything onto your C:drive or desktop.


Remote In

There are multiple Computers that you can be set up to “remote into” for convenience and to use software that’s not available elsewhere.  

Instructions for how to request this and to use it are here à


Laptop and Desktop Encryption

All Laptops and all off-site Desktops used for DOPM business must be encrypted….even if they are personally owned.  To have a computer encrypted, contact HelpDesk.


Viruses and virus protection

Be careful about what websites you go to.



We have WiFi here in Medical Towers.  If you want to use it, instructions are here  à


Conference Rooms

If you schedule a meeting that requires Multimedia, you need to do both:

(1)reserve the room and (2)request the Multimedia.


Cell Phones and PDA

Blackberries do not work well with our email system.





Who is the HelpDesk / the Programmers Group?
How do I request Help?


The HelpDesk is located in MT-111, and consists of:

·         William Belser (manager)

·         Byron Chancellor (Database manager)

·         Rich Searles (Technicians)

·         Lisa Schwaiger (Admin and Tech Support Triage)


What we do: Tech Support (basically anything computer-related that is not programming)


To contact the HelpDesk:    email dopmHelp@uabmc.edu or call 934-7662


Requests to the HelpDesk that will require a purchase of some kind (equipment or software) should…

·         …be emailed by a person who has money they can spend, and

·         …include the account number that will pay for the request.



The Programmers Group (Dave Hilgendorf, Vandana Manne and Zhu) is NO longer part of the HelpDesk (as of January 2013). 
Instead, they are located in MT-401, under the supervision of Dr Bae. 
To contact the Programmers Group, use this form: http://www.uab.edu/medicine/dopm/programming-request-form



UserNames, IDs, Passwords, Email Addresses, Oh My…



With rare exception, every DOPM employee has…


·         DOPM

o   a DOPM UserName

o   a DOPM password


·         HSIS – used only for email accounts

o   a HSIS Username

o   a HSIS password


·         Blazer

o   a Blazer ID

o   a Blazer password

o   a Blazer Email address




Tell me about the differences….







Which one will I use most?

This one by far.  You’ll use it every day.



What’s the difference?

This is for DOPM stuff.  It’s used only in our Division.

For email and calendar

This is for UAB in general.
In other words, for non-DOPM stuff at UAB

When are examples of when I would use this?

·         To get into your DOPM computer

·         To get into your encrypted laptop

·         To use a Konica -- to copy or scan or fax

·         To get into a DOPM-created website – use  DOPM-D1A\jsmith     (click to see details)

Generally, only email and calendars issues.

For Oracle, including to report time worked.


Anything on www.uab.edu that requires your Blazer ID and password. 

Who assigns this to me?




You get to choose this when you first start at UAB.  (It stays with you for your entire UAB life.)

How often do I have to change the password associated with this?

Every few months.   (Your computer will remind you.)

You never have to. 

You never have to. 

How do I change the password?

If you have an encrypted laptop that uses WiFi

Bring it to MT-111 for assistance in changing your password.




If you have a regular computer (i.e. not a Thin Station that only connects to Terminal Server)

·      Simply follow instructions when computer reminds you.

·      Ctrl-Alt-Delete 1 time, then follow instructions


If you have a Thin Station that only connects to Terminal Server…

Login to the terminal server. Right click on the task bar and select properties. Click on the start menu tab. You will see two choices:  start menu and classic start menu. Choose start menu (if it’s not already selected) then click on apply and ok.  Next click on the start button and you will see windows security on the menu area. Click on windows security and you should see the same dialog box that you would see doing Ctrl-Alt-Del.


Call 934-8888 if you forget it.





Give me some examples…





(Note: None of this is case sensitive.)

Example for Jane Smith might be



Usually, it’s first initial and last name



Email address

HSIS UserName followed by @uabmc.edu







Email address

Blazer ID followed by @uab.edu





 If you want to redirect your Blazer Email to your HSIS Email, click here


Especially Handy Links for Contact Info:


Handy links that have very up-to-date info:


·         UAB phone directory  http://idm.blazernet.uab.edu/ph/main.cgi

·         DOPM phone and office location:  http://internal.dopm.uab.edu/dopm-admindb/EmployeePhoneList.aspx (available from internal DOPM site)


DOPM websites


DOPM websites  ---  DOPM has two main websites --- in addition to lots of websites for studies and program areas.


What else it’s sometimes called

Who can access it


What’s on it

DOPM Internal

·      Internal Sharepoint

·      DOPM Sharepoint

·      Sharepoint

Basically only DOPM employees.  Use

for example for UserName




Lots of good forms and info for DOPM employees

DOPM Public 

DOPM External 

Public (anyone)


A good description of DOPM and its parts



For DOPM-created websites that require UserName



What are some examples of DOPM-created websites?

A clue that it’s a DOPM-created website is that DOPM is part of the name.  Examples:

·         http://share1.dopm.uab.edu....

·         http://mail.dopm.uab.edu

·         http://dopm-sp1.dopm.uab.edu...

·         http://internal.dopm.uab.edu...

What do I put for my UserName?

DOPM-D1A\my-DOPM-UserName    …like…    DOPM-D1A\jsmith

How to avoid common Typo problems

the 7th character in the UserName is the number 1.  It is Not the letter L

the 9th character in the UserName is a backwards slash (not a regular forward slash)

I don’t want to have to type all that every time….  What can I do?

If you plan on using this site a lot and you use Internet Explorer, you may want to do this Time-Saver Tip so that you don’t have to key in your UserName and password each time.



Konicas – “I want to Scan, Fax, Copy, Print”



If I am a DOPM employee, do I need to do anything special to be able to do this?



No.  Simply follow instructions taped to Konica.



No.  Simply follow instructions taped to Konica.


Scan (to email)

No.  Simply follow instructions taped to Konica.

A “Scan Button” makes it easier.  You can request one from HelpDesk. 


HelpDesk may have to set that up.

If you don’t see it as a choice when sending something to print, contact HelpDesk.












What are Konicas?

And what can they do?


There are 9 Konicas throughout Medical Towers.

They are machines that can print, copy, scan and most can fax.

(They are made by Konica-Minolta and are generally just called “Konicas”)

Where are they?

The “public” ones are located in MT-501, MT-601. 

(Others are in MT-111, MT-401A, MT-504, MT-621, MT-753)

Why would I use a Konica that’s down the hall? 

I’d rather have an individual machine that does the same stuff but is more convenient to my desk.

It does many more things (has more options), and it’s less expensive to maintain.

Tell me more.

See Konica FAQ /Hints*



How can I receive confidential faxes?

How can I fax from a Konica?

See Konica FAQ /Hints*

How can I send faxes from my computer?

Send a request to HelpDesk to be set up for that.



Do I really have to login and give an account number and all the other stuff just to scan?  Why?

Yes.  In order to have the feature that keeps track of copying costs for each account, we have to have it for scanning too.

Can I scan to my Blazer Email address, like janey123@uab.edu




How can I do Secure Printing or print to special paper (labels or cardstock)?

See Konica FAQ /Hints*

How can I customize my printing, such as adding staple, hole-punch, 2-sided, color vs. black-and -white, watermark.

See Konica FAQ /Hints*


*Konica FAQ/Hints are taped to each Konica and also located on the DOPM Internal website under HelpDesk or
The Direct URL =  http://share1.dopm.uab.edu/sites/DOPM-INT/DOPM%20IS%20Tip%20of%20the%20Week/Konica_FAQ_and_Hints.doc


Where should I save stuff ?



Best Practices

It’s a good habit to always save to Network drives instead of Locally.  See following chart below for details:

If it’s stored in this location

(which means specifically )


(from Viruses or physical damage)


“Desktop” or C:Drive

Potentially vulnerable.

There is no guarantee that these get backed-up.

Network drives

any drive with the letters H through Z.

Perfectly safe in all circumstances.

These are backed-up frequently -- both here and offsite.


Hint: Use “shortcuts”

Hint:  Use shortcuts on your Desktop if you want the convenience of the desktop but the security of a Network drive. 

To make a shortcut:

1.    Right-click [Start] on lower left

2.    Click [Explore]

3.    Locate the document or folder, and Right-click on it.

4.    Click [Send To]

5.    Click [Desktop (create shortcut)]


More about Network drives…

Various Letter drives are used for specific things.  The 4 that generally everyone gets are these, and you will be given access to others as needed.



What are all the drives for??


Your Personal Drive

This is a Network drive (meaning it’s safe) but only you can see it

S: drive

Sometimes called “Swap Drive”

For the most part, everyone has permission to this, so it’s a good way to share files with others in DOPM

P: drive











The Basics




Set up

How do I set up my email here at Medical Towers that ends with @uabmc.edu



(This works even if you use the new Terminal Server.)




In these instructions, I am using this example:




HSIS username


HSIS is the place that provides the @uabmc.edu email accounts.

Your username = the part to the left of the “@uabmc.edu”

HSIS password


If you don’t know what this is, call 934-8888 and ask them (HSIS) to reset it.


1.    Click [Start] on bottom left corner

2.    Click [Microsoft Office]

3.    Click [Microsoft Outlook 2007] or [Microsoft Outlook 2010] (whichever your choice is)

4.    Click [Next] [Next]

5.    Type this for your email address =  MyHSISusername @uabmc.edu

6.    DON’T put anything in the two password fields

7.    Click [Next]

8.    Click [Yes] for Security Alert

9.    Click [Use another account]

10. Type this:

o   Username = ad\MyHSISusername

o   Password = MyHSISpwd

o   Put a check mark by “Remember my password”

11. Click [Finish].

12. If you get a pop-up with 3 choices including “Use Recommended Settings” or “Don’t make changes”, select:

o    “Use Recommended Settings” if you are on your computer

o   “Don’t make changes” if you’re on the Terminal Server


Additional things to do to tidy it up and make it more user-friendly:

When “Security Alert” pops up, do these steps once and it will stop it in the future

1.    Click [View Certificate]

2.    Click [Install Certificate]

3.    Click [Next] [Next] [Finish] [Yes]

4.    It says “import was successful”

5.    Click [Ok] [Ok]

6.    It says “Security Alert”

7.    Click [Yes]

To set up your archive

This is potentially very important in the future.

It makes sure that you are not archiving on your actual computer (which may not always be safe) and instead archives it on a network (which is always safe):

1.    Click [File]

2.    Click [Options]

3.    Click [Mail]

4.    Click [Auto archive settings]

5.    Make sure “Run Auto Archive” is NOT checked.


Web-based Email

How can I easily check my HSIS-email when I’m not here in Medical Towers?


How can I do “Web Email”?


UserName=your HSIS Username

For example  janesmith

Password = your HSIS password.

(If you dont  know it, call HSIS at 934-8888 to reset it.)

Redirecting Emails

How do I indicate that I want Emails sent to my Blazer Email address to go to my HSIS Email ?


In other words, when people send things to my Blazer Email address, I want it to automatically be redirected to my HSIS Email address.


Example:  I want Emails sent to janey123@uab.edu

to be automatically redirected to janesmith@uabmc.edu   

1.      Click here

2.      Type your Blazer ID and password when requested.

3.      In the box by “Enter mailbox address” put my-HSIS-UserName@uabmc.edu.  In this example, put janesmith@uabmc.edu   

4.      Click [Submit]

5.      Then be sure to test this is working by sending a test message to janey123@uab.edu and making sure it redirects to janesmith@uabmc.edu in this example.



Tell me more about my Email…  








Is there a limit to the size of attachments I can send or receive?


Is there a restriction on the type of attachments I can receive? 

Yes, you cannot receive databases or Zip files.
Use Drop Box instead:  https://dropbox.dpo.uab.edu/scgi-bin/dropbox.cgi

I get odd emails with attachments that end with “zip.txt”.  I know Zip files can be dangerous. 

What is it?

When a sender tries to send you a “zip” file attachment (which is basically a program file and therefore a great way to send viruses) the anti-virus software spots the attachment and deletes it, replacing it with a simple text file to inform you that it was deleted.  The name of this text file is composed of the name of the original attachment followed by ".txt"

I want to send something to someone but I get a message back saying it’s too big.

Use Drop Box instead:  https://dropbox.dpo.uab.edu/scgi-bin/dropbox.cgi


I got a box that pops up that asks me if I want to archive my emails.  What do I do?

Do NOT say “yes”. 

If you do say “yes”, your old emails will be saved on your current computer, which means they won’t be available if you change computers and they could possibly get deleted. 

When archiving is necessary, the I.T. Dept will set it up so that it archives to a network drive.  This is much better because that means it’s protected and as easily accessible as your regular email, and you can access it even if you change computers.

Add an email signature

It is different for Office 2007 vs Office 2010)

·         If you have Office 2007:

·         If you have Office 2010:



Remote In(to)”



Now (Jan 2015), we have a newer (better) Terminal Server, etc that people should use – for General Office programs, SAS, SPSS

Instructions (including explanation of how its better) are at http://www.dopm.uab.edu/gateway/


How do I get set up to Remote In?:

 To initially get set up for this, email your request to the HelpDesk



These instructions are now old and these servers should NOT be used unless there is a good reason.


Click here for simple Terminal Server instructions – these instructions are now old and these servers should NOT be used unless there is a good reason.


Remote In(to) means that from computer X (your home computer, a laptop, a stripped down computer in Medical Towers, etc), you can use computer Y (such as the ones listed below).  The general advantage of this is convenience of where you can physically be, faster speed, and access to more software.


What Computer

(This is the name you will use in Step 5 below)

Who has to approve this?

Has access to

H:drive & Other Network Drives

Has access to

C:drive and


Why would I use this?

Terminal Server


No one



·      If you have a Thin Station, you must use this to do anything.

·      If having trouble with Oracle, can access Oracle this way

·      Accessing Outlook email

·      Access to network drives and printers off campus

·      Other software such as Adobe 9.0 Pro

·      If you don’t have IE 6.0, you can do Chears here.

SAS Server





SAS and Specialty Statistical Software

Your Desktop


Your Own Desktop Computer


·     Computer Name, or

·     IP address


To find either of these, do the below on your work computer.

Your Supervisor





Everything looks and acts like your Desktop at work.

NOTE: In order for this to work, you must leave your computer turned on.  (It can be logged on or off, either way is fine)

There are a few others including SAS Development Server.  Contact HelpDesk if you need more info on the others.



To get Computer Name

To get IP address

Where can I use this

Only onsite (in other words, only in Medical Towers)



A little easier to find this


Easy way to find it

Look at Yellow Sticker on your computer.
It will be something like DOPM-FAC-DW


Other way to find it

1.    [Start] on the lower left

2.    RIGHT click on [My Computer]

3.    [Properties]

4.    [Computer Name] tab

5.    Full Computer name

6.    The name is the first 10-12 digits/letters of the Full name (the part before the first period).

1.    [Start] 

2.    [Run] 

3.   cmd

4.    [enter]

5.    ipconfig (no spaces)

6.    [enter]



How to Remote In (after you have been set up)

1.    click [Start] on lower left corner

2.    click [All Program]

3.    click [Accessories]

4.    click [Remote Desktop Connection]

5.    Next to computer type the following:

·         a name from the “Name” column above (such as ts.dopm.uab.edu). 
Note: this is NOT case sensitive.

·         click [connect]

·         UserName = my-DOPM-UserName (aka the name you use to login to your computer each day, like jsmith)

·         Password = my-DOPM-Password (aka the password you use to login to your computer each day)


6.    Do your work  J

7.    When done…

·         be sure to Log Off.

·         do NOT just “X” out or “Disconnect”

·         to Log Off, you have to:

o   get to the bottom left of the interface.  If you don’t see the [Start] button in the lower left you may have to use your vertical scroll bar to scroll down until you do see it.

o   click [Start] button

o   then [Log Off]


Only one at a Time                             


·         Don’t “remote into” more than 1 computer at the same time.  If you do, it may corrupt your “roaming profile” and that can cause problems later.

·         Be sure to Log Off (not “X”, not “Disconnect”) each time.




Laptop Encryption (and Desktop Encryption)


UAB’s president Dr Garrison says: “all laptop computers used in the conduct of UAB, UAB Health System or Health Services Foundation business must have approved encryption software installed on the machine. This also includes any personally-owned computers that are used for UAB, HS or HSF business.”

http://www.hipaa.uab.edu/pdffiles/Information_Security_Handbook_03_2009.pdf  (page 12):
NOTE: All laptop computers used for UAB/UABHS business, regardless of ownership, must be encrypted.


To clarify that encryption policy… 

computers that must be encrypted are…

Are there any Exceptions?

Any DOPM-owned Laptop


This includes those that are locked up and/or not-in-use.

No exceptions.


Any personally-owned Laptop that is used for DOPM-business



Yes.  Exceptions are:

·         Those used for just “remoting in” (like to the terminal-server or SAS-server or your desktop).  In other words, only for remote access to UAB/DOPM networks and where no data is transferred to local systems.

- and/or –

·         Those used for just checking DOPM email via the internet and where no data is transferred to local systems.

Any Desktop computer* that is used offsite for DOPM-business


(*regardless of ownership)


It is the responsibly of the user of the computer to let I.T. Dept know if that computer needs to be encrypted.

Laptops and desktops do get stolen.  We have to try to eliminate/minimize the bad consequences of that.  A stolen unencrypted computer has potential privacy and HIPAA consequences.



Viruses and Forefront


“Forefront” is Virus Protection software.  It is on all DOPM computers. 
Incidentally, it is free for personal use to UAB folks: http://www.uab.edu/it/software/displaytitle.php?ItemID=145


Sometimes things just happen, but here are some tips to help you avoid viruses and other problems

·         Look at incoming emails with a skeptical eye. 

·         Install updates if that is an option

·         Never, ever, ever under any circumstances tell anyone (including the I.T. Dept) your password.

·         Don’t use DOPM computers (State Property) to go to any questionable website.  Some websites that have been known to spreads viruses, that you should consider avoiding are:

v  Facebook 

v  YouTube

v  Newsites -- even reputable ones

v  Foreign sites

v  Weather websites


What can I do to help my computer run better in general?


·         In Internet Explorer, occasionally do this:   [Tools]   [Internet Options]   [General]-tab   [Delete…]   [Delete]

·         Don’t save stuff on your Desktop.

·         Reboot occasionally.  Turn your computer off and back on occasionally.

·         Install any updates.  You know you have an update when you see a yellow shield-shaped icon in the lower right corner:


WiFi (Blazer WiFi / UAB Wifi)


Your computer/phone/tablet will give you 3 choices:  [UAB Visitor ] [UAB WiFi] and [UAB WiFi NAC].  Which should you choose?

  • Generally, you will want to choose [UAB WiFi NAC] – because it installs a security certificate that allows it to connect without having to enter your BlazerID every time you leave and return to UAB.  It will connect automatically whenever you are in range. 
  • Choose [UAB WiFi ] only if you have trouble with selecting [UAB WiFi NAC].  Then let the HelpDesk know and we can help you get [UAB WiFi NAC]. 
  • Never choose [UAB Visitor]

See https://www.uab.edu/it/wireless/secure/  to get the WEP key (which is the password).

(Parts of 1st floor and other areas in Medical Towers are sometimes problematic.)


Conference Rooms & Multimedia Requests


To prepare for a meeting, you may have to fill out two separate forms.  For links to both forms, go to http://share1.dopm.uab.edu/sites/DOPM-INT/Shared%20Documents/Public%20Folders/public_calendar.aspx


ß Use this to reserves the room itself.
(It also provides info about what each room is capable of.)


ß Use this to make a multimedia request -- which includes requesting equipment/assistance with laptop, projector, slideshow, video, polycom, etc.



These submitted forms are reviewed and added to the calendars manually by a person so allow 24 hours for this.

Then to verify that your meeting did indeed get added on both the calendars:

1.    go to that same main link shown above

2.    Select the tab for the specific room

·         To see a particular date, right-click on the calendar and choose [Go to Date].  NOTE: This works best in Internet Explorer.

3.    If you made a Multimedia request, select the tab for “Projectors Reservation” or “Video Equipment Reservations”

·         To see a particular date, right-click on the calendar and choose [Go to Date].  NOTE: This works best in Internet Explorer.



Cell-phones / Smart Phones / PDA



I want to get a phone that lets me easily view my DOPM emails  -- What do you recommend?





Windows Mobile

Is available thru the University.   See http://uabcellphones.com/



Is NOT available thru the University.  (You can buy it on your own.)



Can only use the Webmail option http://mail.dopm.uab.edu which is a much worse interface